Thursday, March 31, 2011

This will be fun!

I've been thinking of time travel lately and the fun that could be had. I don't normally think that time travel should be used for profit or correcting mistakes because who hasn't thought of that. I would use it purely for my own entertainment and/or knowledge base. With all that being said here are some points in history that I would love to visit.

1. NYC, Halloween 1938; the day War of the Worlds is broadcast. I think pandemonium would be fantastic to see in person.
2.Berlin, April 20 1889; I want stand in a busy square around 6:30 pm and yell, "Sie sind gefickt".
3. NYC, December 8 1980, around 10:45 pm. Find Mark David Chapman and call him an "asshole".
4. Babylon, the day before The Tower of Babel falls: I will need to learn an ancient dialect to pull this off. I wouldn't mind looking up at the tower with my hand shielding my eyes and comment "I think it could be taller".

Monday, March 28, 2011

Serious Discussion Time

I have a serious question for once. This question demands a serious answer.

Why do Satanists not show up at and lend their support to pro-Lifers?

When I say Satanists I don't mean these pitiful Anton Lavey "Satan is the representation of the human nature" crap. I'm talk true slaughtering goats to open a portal to Hell type of Satanists that worship His biblical all things evil persona.

You know, the ones that give me a hearty laugh at how ridiculous of a belief structure they have been suckered into believing (though still not as idiotic as Anton Lavey's crap or Scientology).

I think one issue could be lack of knowledge. Most Christians these days believe in the doctrine of "Age of Accountability" which states "children that die before they reach an age where they can understand about personal salvation go to heaven". Spending many years surrounded by those that believe this in the South this is almost ingrained in my thoughts when thinking about their religion. 

Using the "Age of Accountability" would it not be in the Satanist's best interest to stop abortions since the fetus/child would get an automatic free pass? In most cases (excluding those where incest or rape are involved) Satanists may already have the parent (depending on the parent's lifestyle), why give up on this young soul? You can't possible have a fair chance if it never reaches an age where it knows right from wrong. 

I for one want to see this protest with Satanists at a pro-life rally. If I could witness this it would be in my top five most awesome things I've ever. Right up there with seeing a suped up Honda red lining and blowing up the engine on a city street. I may have to make a list out of the things I wish I could witness. 

This post will get updated periodically as I remember what my arguments were for why they should.

Ohh Shit!

I completely forgot about this. I have many profiles on a lot of different sites and this was a journal entry I had a few years back. I find this fucking hilarious. If you don't, I don't care.

This is what writers block feels like...........


It sucks.........

     What the hell is up with all the Scientology shit on this site? Anyone else feel like drinking the cool-aid before they get the chance to administer it? Jesus Christ, if I felt like giving my free will(and money) away I would have turned Christian. I don't and I didn't. 

     This whole shit about is it a religion or is it a cult is getting tired. Who cares, I'm not joining. I believe in Chaos and slack. I don't need anymore fictional things to occupy my time. I have an overactive imagination as it is. There's only so much room for trolls, gnomes, dwarves (not little people), Faie, unicorns and religious dieties. Sorry all full here, keep it moving.
     Oh, and I'm sorry but Thanos could kick the shit of Jesus or Zenu. You know as long as he has the Infinity Gauntlet with all the gems and Adam Worlock wasn't trying to be a bastard by keeping the last one for himself. Thanos would take both of them with out breaking a sweat. (Additions) Seriously, Thanos was courting Mistress Death with the power to control all aspects of time, space, reality etc. How would this be a fair battle?

I wish I had some headphones at work today

Here's a list of things I thought about today while I struggled through work without headphones:

1. I want to be one of the first humans in line when cybernetic enhancements come to fruition. Puny humans won't stand a chance.

2. Why do I put up with bullshit?

3. Are people really that dumb?

I found my answer to number 3 sometime throughout the day. Most of them, yes.

4. I think I have a superiorty complex towards the general public in the South. I can try and mediate it, but I'm constantly in situations that make me think "Are you fucking kidding me right now? There is no way you are serious with the shit that is spewing from your mouth. For the love of all that is unholy, think about what you just said".

5. Logically: If you have a Bible and pictures of Jesus on your desk I can have the Necronomicon and a Pentagram on mine.

6. I bet living in a small mid-west town sucks more than living in Charlotte. Wait, no it wouldn't because you would be use to the fact that there's not shit to do and your expectation level would be appropriate.

7. I would be okay with time traveling back to certain points in my life and altering a situation's outcome even if it would cause a time/space rip nullifying all of existence.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

More useless Advice babbling...

That last Advice Column was just a taste:

     Another thing I can say, stop fucking playing games. Make your intentions known. If you have general interest in someone, say something if the are available.* If you just want to fuck then say it, if you just want to hang out and be friends say it.  Don't go out on dates for months upon end, the message will be skewed and never delivered. Leading someone into a false understanding of the situation then flipping it around is not cool and will put you in a horrible light. You should know within the first couple of times of meeting someone whether you want to pursue a relationship or if it's just going to be platonic.

     Make that decision know either way. If you let your intentions be known and the other person declines, move on. If you are the person being asked, don't lie and commit to something then try to weasel out of the relationship (whatever it turns out to be).

    This is your mission to find someone worthy of your time and if moving on is seen a hurtful or a slight then so be it. I'm not advocating that you be a dick about it, but there are ways to make your thoughts and feeling well known and still be respectable.

*this will be covered later.

Bands and Evil

I tried to do this on Facebook with much fail involved so I'm bringing it here where all fail will be hidden.

The Most Evil, non-Metal bands of the 1990's

    I am a huge fan of 1990's Alt rock. That's what I heard while in middle and high school, and it's been a love since the first time I heard a lot of those artists on the radio and MTV. This is of course the time period when commercial radio wasn't controlled by Clear channel and MTV actually played music videos instead of the constant flow of "Reality TV" - my hatred and love of reality TV will be covered in later posts.

   My love of Alt Rock combined with my fascination with all things Evil has led me to create a list of Satan loving, Evil lyric bands that were in the 1990's. This does not contain any metal bands since Evil and Satan are par for the course in that genre.

1. Cake

  • The upbeat sounds of Cake combined with such songs as "Satan is my Motor", "Pentagram", "Sheep go to Heaven (Goats go to Hell)", and "Jesus Wrote a Blank Check" make them a lock as one of the more Evil Alt Rocks bands.
2. Soul Coughing

  • The fucked up Jazz Fusion sound will throw you off the trail on these guys, but when a good deal of songs concern devils, Beelzebub (with awesome old school cartoon inspired music), 666 "thirty-three degrees, six-hundred sixty six", dismembering bodies, band members in the background screaming "Satan" and yelling at Manhattan that "this is Babylon"in just one album you have a definite candidate.
I can't think of anymore at this moment, please contribute your ides in the comments section. Hail Satan!

Advice Column Time

     I am probably the worst judge of what is socially acceptable in damn near every situation, especially when it comes to dating. Should there be a code of conduct for typical settings? If so, you are shit out of luck because there is no such thing as a typical setting. Life should be simpler, but I do have some basic rules that I have accumulated over the years.

     One thing I can say is "always be truthful". If you are at the end of a date and you did not enjoy yourself, say so. Don't let the other person dictate your feelings. The only person that should be doing that is you. I know there are empaths out there, but in these situations you need to temper that a bit, I am one of these empaths and struggle with it each time.

     If at any point the other person says something you deem insensitive, speak up. They may have a joking personality, but not knowing someone's past can cause bruising. If you let this slide and you end up dating then eventually this will become an issue.

     If you don't feel the relationship at the beginning it would probably be best to to not continue for any period of time. If you do continue to pull this move it makes that whole time with you seem like a lie, and it probably was. The other person will react accordingly and the whole deal will generally blow up in everyone's face.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Old Facinations

I don't usually get asked this question so I'll ask it for all of you who are wondering. "Derek, what fascinates you"? One word, Evil. More specifically Satan. This is not say that I am a Satanist (ohh if you only knew how many times I have been accused of that over the years, but that will be in another post), but I do have (what is most likely) an un-heathly interest in it.

The concept of "evil" has always drawn a laugh, giggle, smirk or general pleasure. Mostly because I have to constantly deal with the Western Religious view/belief/concept of Satan and don't understand why it's such a big deal. It's not something that should truly concern a person (it is what it is) and since I lean towards Eastern philosophies I'll paraphrase the Tao Te Ching to make this point, humans only see evil because we have defined what is good.

To most of the people that I encounter (especially in the South) Satan is synonymous with all things evil. This is then followed by rants and raves about their hatred towards "The Dark Lord" which gives me a warm sense of pleasure. It truly fascinates me that a person could espouse "Christ's love", yet completely miss the boat on this. God/Jesus/"The Holy Spirit" and Satan are only opposite sides of the same coin when you take it from a purely logical/rational Taoist point of view. You defined good in God/Jesus etc so the logical opposite of all that (Evil) has to be another character within the story. Why hate at this point? To put it simply if you have good you must have evil to balance it all out. Done and done, but some people do not understand the simplicity of this.

Satan can also be looked at from a literary angle as well. Most good stories have a protagonist and an antagonist to create conflict which we can all agree typically makes for an entertaining read. When speaking of the Western concept of God and Satan where would there be any conflict if you had no Satan? Satan was playing his role as he was written. It was not really in his control to not be evil that's just how it played out in the story. To quote myself on this one, "Thank God for Satan". Because if you don't most people would have nothing to complain about (okay, I take that back we are humans and I'm pretty sure we could find something to complain about).

I know some people out there believe in fate/destiny and the like especially if you believe that God has an ultimate plan and controls the universe giving no free will or you lean more towards the thought that everyone has what they are meant to do (Dharma, used extremely loose here). When looked at in this way Satan is actually doing his Dharma. He was meant to revolt against the status quo in Heaven, tempt Eve into eating the apple, tempt you into doing naughty things with that sheep two summers ago at your uncle farm etc. Though this does not admonish the actions of Satan, he kind of gets a bad wrap for acting out his script.

Moral of the story? Leave "Satan/Evil" alone, it happens, you can't really stop it and if you did stop it what kind of boring ass story would the rest of fall into?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

If it's not one thing it's another

     Since I'm new to this whole blogging ordeal I will skip the formalities and head straight into something I wrote damn near five years ago, but still rings true to me.

     One thing I have never been able to comprehend about the Christian religion is the blind, unwavering belief that God is omnipotent and omniscient. Omnipresent is more believable if looked at through Eastern thought of God residing within everything in the universe and everything is interdependent.

     There are just too many questions that arise when you try to say that God knows all and controls all (all powerful). Scientifically speaking I can see how God would have to know and possibly create the roles of nature, physics, chemistry and so forth in order for the Genesis story to make sense with God creating the physical plane. This is where the questions begin. Did God create the laws that govern matter and physics after the creation what we call the universe? He would have to or find all of this matter elsewhere and if this is the case where did He find all the matter? This also goes for the conservation of energy. Did God give energy to the universe? If so, was God weakened/tired after creation and is that why He had to rest? But hold on, isn't God all powerful?  If God was tired this could also account for the lack of foresight encountered in numerous dogmatic beliefs and stories, and would contradict His omniscience when looking at either the story of Adam and Eve or the Fall of Lucifer.

     When speaking of foresight and omniscience we have to really look the events surrounding the aforementioned stories and situations that could have been avoided if God is omniscient. Lets start with the Heavenly War and the Fall of Lucifer. We can actually pull all three omni's into this one. Omniscience, God knew it was going to happen when he created such a being. Omnipresent, god does not need spies since He is everywhere so how was this whole deal not seen? Omnipotent, God could have quelled the rebellion and fully destroyed the opposing forces. (I already know the argument against this so I'll head you off at the pass. Man is not suppose to know the master plan and God allowed it to happen...not good enough for me). The other great argument is that God needed to do this in a set-up to the whole "Original Sin" fiasco. I'm pretty sure the human race could have created this current cesspool without all the mythological drama.

     Next is the graceless "Fall of Man". This again could have been avoided by three omni's. Omniscience, again did God not see this coming when he gave humans "Free Will"? Omnipresence, where was God when the Lucifer was "tempting" Eve? Easily, could have been avoided with a "Hey, you know I can see you what's going on, right?" Omnipotence, God could have stopped it with less than a thought and the snake would have ceased to exist.

     I will interject here and say that there are some Theologians that suggest God does not control all aspects of the universe, He simply interacts at specific times and therefore we still have "Free Will". With this being said God wanted to allow Adam and Eve the ability to make there own decisions in which they both failed miserably. Again, foresight. To me, "Free Will" is a philosophical rebuttal to the argument that controls everything. If this thought of omnipresence, omniscient and omnipotence was never created in the first place the doctrine of "Free Will" may have never been needed.

     Getting back to the "Fall of Humanity", this story is added emphasis to the argument that human nature is flawed and all humans are born into sin, but my argument to that is that Adam and Eve were not "born" into sin they created it.

     It's actually a story about how people have always been shady, cowardly and sneaky. God failed that test. You don't give creatures "Free Will" then give them stipulations such as "Hey, I'm going to turn my back, but don't do this". Jesus, you don't see us doing that to a dog before it's properly trained then banish them for following what is in their nature. You know what is going to happen when you do that.