Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Vacation Day 2

I woke a bit early and ended up forcing my brother out of his bed since we were suppose to spend the day hanging out together. We planned to go out and about to waste time since he is unemployed at the moment and he promised to buy me a ceiling fan for my birthday.

First Stop: Hobby Lobby where I picked up a screen-printing started kit (was just opened today and I feel too fucking out it to start messing with emulsion).
Second stop: Home Depot, they had a shitty selection of ceiling fans which disappointed me.
Third Stop: Lowes, I found the perfect ceiling fan, but it was a pre-order deal so we couldn't actually have it in hand to instal. I had to wait until the following Thursday, but due to the ceiling height and other shenanigans it didn't get put up until that following Monday.
Fourth Stop: Olive Garden where we had a small lunch and my brother filled out an application for a job (they still haven't called him back which sucks).
Fifth Stop: Home for a nap.
Sixth Stop: Sir Edmund Halley's with the girl I have been seeing for a little over a month at that point. This is one of my favorite spots in Charlotte because it has good beer and is one of the most chill spots to not be bothered.
Seventh Spot: Airport lookout. We arrived right before sunset so it was amazing. I opened the back hatch of my car and we relaxed while watching the planes take off and land with the Charlotte Skyline in the background.
Eighth Spot: Back home to get some sleep.

This is the first birthday where I have actually been "seeing" anyone and I quite liked it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Holy Fucking Shit (part whatever comes after the last post entitled "Holy Shit" if there is one)

It seems we have a new country in the mix. I just checked the stats for the past week and discovered that there is one visit from Poland! Fuck yeah! This is for all of those non-Americans that have visited the blog:

Come back, please.

- An American Desperate for International Attention

By the way, has anyone else wanted to cause an international incident by just being yourself? It would be kind of like Russell Brand, but not as fucking retarded. Yes, I know I just used the word "retarded" (yes, I realize I just used "retarded" again [you get the picture, it's like "The song that never ends", but with the word retarded]) <---I refuse to repeat this joke.

If you have no sense of humor and realize that I intentionally set up a joke, leave and tell your friends to check out this blog that just made you realize you are overly sensitive.

I go through phases

Since it has come to my attention that I have not posted anything since the night of Goddamn [Last Name]'s Birthday Bash I figured I would post something horribly depressing and older. Of course I did have to create an introductory portion.

I go through interesting phases sometimes and this was written in a phase of lost desires a while back (not sure of the time frame). Enjoy,empathize,pity, be depressed or whatever else feels natural.

I never should have written such things down
Allowed the utterance of those sounds
Knowing what I know and effects of letting it be known
The universe and it's methods of depriving a soul
Human nature's way of fucking up
What was once wanted, now no more
Baffles the mind with such strange turns
Fighting, resisting to to still yearn

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birthday Vacation: Day 4

I'm skipping ahead here just to say this has been the best birthday ever! This beats the year I found out I bought a house and the year I went to Europe. All my friends are here and I have had about four beers. They all pitched in and got me a mini-bass. Having all my friends show up for one event, means so much to me that I can not even describe all that is running through me. I love these people more than life itself.


Hail Satan!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthday Vacation: Day 1

Anyone that knows me knows that I refuse to work on my Birthday and generally damn near any day around said birthday. This year is no exception. I was able to get a five day weekend for this year and I am abusing the shit out of it. I figured a recap of the events so far this week would suffice. This will be broken into three posts: Day 1 (which of course you are viewing), Day 2 (Birth Day), Day 3 and 4 (which I assume will not be as event filled), Day 5 (Rest) and Days of Birthdays past (a look at the freaking sweet birthdays I have had).

Just because God didn't rest until the seventh day doesn't mean I have to follow that pattern. I'm getting older damn it and obviously crotchety.

I'm not sure of the actual reason, but I woke up super fucking early to start this day. I had a massage appointment at 10:15 am, yet I still woke up at 8:00. Why? I guess my body has turned against me and wants to me die.

I planned this massage out weeks in advance which is why when I saw a Groupon for a huge discount I jumped on that shit. It was a half off deal and I have not had a true massage since I was too young to understand the awesomeness of a really good massage, so fuck yeah I saved some money while doing it. This massage was duly needed and I felt great afterwards (No, there was no happy ending. Get your mind out of perv mode.). (More punctuation is needed). There must have been a noticeable difference because the woman at the front desk commented that I actually had a smirk on my face instead of my general morning scowl.

It seems my time calculation was off for the day because I had an hour and half to kill before I needed to be anywhere else. I decided that a fucking hot and humid Southern US day needed a cold ass blended coffee and that is what I did. I don't go to Caribou Coffee often anymore since I moved from South Charlotte so I made my way over to my favorite one and bought some cold caffeinated goodness. I chilled out  there for a moment before heading to my next destination.

I showed up at the next place by 12:30 pm primed and ready to spend the next five and a half hours there. My friend and I chatted for an hour while she did prep work and outlining before we started on the main event for the day:

This is going to be fucking amazing tattoo. It started off as a HUM inspired space scene, but when my artist and I started hashing out ideas we came up with something that would give me my HUM tribute with added layers of meaning. It had to include a Dragonfly because it reminds me of a fantastic line from the song Suicide Machine "somewhere through a thousand blues a dragonfly descends with just a whisper/I'm lonelier than god". It has turned into a stage with alien plants, the dragonfly and a planet "painted" on wood for props. On the sides it will have deep red velvet curtains like a school play (the curtains will be tied by gold rope and open up gain on the inside of my arm where there will be another scene with an astronaut's helmet and silver supply boxes). After four and a half hours in the chair I couldn't take it anymore my arm felt like it was about to fall off my body.

Lastly for the day I went to have dinner with a co-worker that is based in another state. A few other co-workers in town made it out, but I was so damn tired that I only ate, had a beer and a few cigarettes before I headed back home to shower and crash out by 9:00 pm.

I would say this was definitely a good damn start to my birthday week!

Note to the person from Germany who viewed this blog soon after this was originally posted: I am not sure how you actually made sense of the multiple spelling and grammar errors that were rampant throughout. I have corrected some of the errors and not in the right mind to fix any others at this point.