Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fiction in Times of Need

     If you actually follow this blog or found this through Jesus and the Rabid Badgers then you may have noticed that I added a new label and now an honest to god (God or whatever you believe) series called Sunday fiction on a day that feels like a Wednesday.

     I feel like I need to explain what all this is about so I can avoid any questions from those I know in real life. These posts are written entirely at coffee shops while observing the people that occupy the spaces. Essentially I people watch and find that one person or couple or group that strike me as interesting and I pay out their fictional stories. I do this a lot, but finally putting it all down s new. Yes, the last one and the one I'm about to post are about heartbreak (I've always heard "Write about what you know"), but hopefully not all posts are going to be such downers.

     I hope you enjoy the posts. As always, if you know anyone that would like, hate or laugh at the blog  pass it along G+, FB or Twitter.

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