Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Late night

It's late right now. I just finished a chapter in "Seth Speaks" (a great metaphysical book by the way). Just trying not to think about the upcoming week and instead use some of the techniques I've been reading about to break down/eliminate the barrier of using my senses to see and create this world.

Having a personality like I do, this is difficult. I need data, raw/unfiltered data in order to understand situations. I don't need muddled/subtle/filtered/smokescreen types of data.

Usually, most of us only understand the data that our senses give. I guess what I'm saying is that I need to get better at taking in and synthesizing this different type of data, this information that is gathered on a completely separate level than what is perceived to be the physical realm. Once I am able to that, I can start working on a more full creation of my own doing.

Stay in a positive mindset, I'm going to bed and tap into some of this!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Thought of the day

It is Spring and time to clear the bullshit out of your life. It doesn't matter what it is; if it's bullshit it is gone.

You know all that crap you have stored in that "spare" room, garage or shed. It just fucking sits there taunting you whenever you glance in its direction. Fuck a garage sale; put down a few tarps (one for recycling, one for objects you know can not be recycled and one for other). The other is that pile you will take a sledgehammer to later.

You know all those feelings you have just seething inside? The regret, guilt, anger, sadness or whatever that has built up in your own personal spare room inside your consciousness; either fucking let it all go (say fuck it, it made me who I am today, but I refuse to let that baggage prevent me from moving forward) or assign each particular heavy memory associated with that built up feeling and assign it an article on tarp number three. Go to town on it with the sledgehammer; be warned: wear glasses and clean up is a pain.

Lastly, people. You can't take a sledgehammer to people, but you can clear the air, let go and move forward.

My hope in doing so will allow each of us a do over and be able to stop the bullshit at the start. Live a clear intentioned life, no games, no tricks,, just me and just you being.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I also forgot

 to mention that I also made two purchases today before the whole amazon recommendation updates.

Purchase Number 1: Glorious HUM poster from Funfunfun Fest.


Purchase Number 2: Glorious HUM poster from a Chicago show.

Happy Sunday!

     Once again, it's Easter Sunday. As a non-believer I take this as just another day without any ritual expectation and choose to waste it on pointless activities. I have seriously spent this day doing nothing other than going to a coffee shop (Starbucks since no locally owned shop was open in my area) and updating my Amazon recommendations. I figure this was a more worthwhile and needed activity then watching small children run around a field searching for tiny oval shaped objects filled with candy that most likely has melted since the adults placed them early in the morning and it's damn near 80 degrees already.

Speaking of the above ritual, thank you Druids and other "pagan" religion for still keeping a hold on culture this long after your belief system was deemed incorrect.


Just so the rest of you don't think i'm being completely negative, I figure I will place a link to something that connects the "Resurrection of Jesus" to this fine and beautiful day. I made it easy for you just to click this Here link straight to the audio. No bullshit hunting for the link on the page. Pun intended.

If the link does not work, let me know in the comments section and I will just link to the page and add an extra click for you to perform.

Monday, April 2, 2012

It's time for a Reboot

   Holy Satan, it has been a while. I kind of left this corner of the internet blank until I figured out what to do with it. I had no inspiration, drive, passion to write anything in this lone corner. Fuck, I still really don't have anything important to say other than, "It's Time for a Reboot".

   Reboot the direction of this blog, reboot my life, reboot my outlook, reboot Spider-man (just kidding we don't really need a reboot of that so soon after the first Sam Raimi edition), reboot what I want out of this time on a spinning ball of dirt, reboot Jesus, reboot Satan, reboot American Society (all of you other people can do the rest of the world by your self since I only have so much energy), reboot thought processes, reboot it all.

   Let us now think of this post as the first of many reboots in that I will be more direct about what goes on in this brain. In order to do that I have to let you in, let you know more about me than you really want to know.  I figure it will help you to know what exactly you are getting into.

   So, how do I describe my actual self? I think a list with explanation will do the trick.

  • I am an introvert of a most severe type. If you need to know what kind of introvert, INTJ. I prefer to be in my own head analyzing everything before anything happens. I can not make rash decisions or self-analyze at the drop of a hat. I must first gather data (a shit ton of data) and make any decision based on my own internal logic. I would rather not be around a group of people in which I am expected to interact with that group at once. Please, one on one conversation only or I will go outside to smoke and look up at the sky in order to recalibrate. You make think I am ignoring you and to an extent I am, but not out of any rudeness.
    • This is why I enjoy large cities like New York over a beach setting for vacations. Eight million people and I don't have to interact with a single one of them unless I absolutely am forced. A ton of external stimuli that I can intake, process, analyze and clear my head of all trouble or concerns I may have in life.
    • I shut down (mentally, physically and emotionally) a lot. I shut down for various reasons, but the main ones center on being overwhelmed (mentally, physically or emotionally). I just stop, everything. My life freezes, unable to do much of anything except work, eat and sleep. I revert back inside my mind. I don’t realize I’m there until I’ve been shut down for a while, but I eventually soldier on until I manage to drag myself out of it. Recalibration is much needed at points. We all recalibrate differently some of us go out and have a huge blow out wild ridiculous time.
    • I miss people for a very long time after they have left my life. It doesn't matter how they left (some are more difficult than others), but that feeling of loss gets my mind running to analyze the why's of each one.
    • I have to live within systems and routines or I will fucking lose it.
  • Just to throw you for a loop, I am also a Gemini of the truest sort. Not sure there is a lot to say about this, but I will try.
    • I need to tear down my own systems or break routines when it gets to be too much of a confinement.
    • I have varied interests in art, music, movies, intellectual pursuits etc.
    • I fucking love dichotomies.
    • I am what is called "A Child of Chiron". There is too much there to go into here.
    • Give me Buddhism, Religions of the Indian Sub-Continent (Hinduism to those that know it by that name) or Taoism over the Western Religious belief structure any day of the week.
  • I do not think, act or feel on a level that most people think of as common.
  • I do not define my self, the self defines me. I also love Metaphysical texts.
  • I am obsessed with technology.
  • I excel at the theoretical, but fail hard at the practical applications.
  • I am pessimistic in an optimistic way. I like the phrase "Optimistic through jaded vision".
  • I have a total fascination with Satan. I think satanism is the dumbest form of modern thought, but the mythology of Satan in Western Religious culture fascinates me.
  • I can and I will be better.
  • I needed this.